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Degaussing System


General Specification for Degaussing System

Functionality and performance Specification
BPAUs current updates / interface Up to 50 times per second over Ethernet or EIA-485 network
Magnetometer interface(s) Serial EIA-485 network data or analogue data
Gyro / navigational interface NMEA 0183 or similar using EIA-485 or Ethernet
Course Monitor Unit (CMU) com Fiber-optic serial / Ethernet
OIU communication Ethernet
DCU hardware environment Compact PCI standard boards, Intel x86 compatible processor
DCU software environment Highly stable QNX real time operating system running c++ code
  • Magnetic map
Built-in for using Gyro / Navigational control
  • Hull / Coil compensation algorithm
Compensation for disturbances from DG coils and magnetic hull
  • Fault management
Fault handling through lists
  • Parameters in the BPAUs
Available over the network via the OIU
  • Measurement data from sensors
Magnetometer, Gyro / Navigation Data available
  • ADG Operating manual
Inbuilt Operating manual on Hard Disk
OIU hardware environment Ruggedized laptop or integrated S/W window in any workstation
OIU software environment WinX environment using C# (not time and functional critical)
  • OIU graphical environment
Windows type GUI


Input / Environmental / Safety Specification
Input Power 1x115/230nVAC or DC supply. Max 200W.Frequency 48-70Hz
Shock & Vibration Harmonizes with grade A in MIL-STD-901 and MIL-STD-167/1
IP protection IP 22 or higher
Humidity & Inclination 0-90% non condensing and inclination up to 45° in all directions
Temperature & Cooling 0-50°C and forced air cooling
EMC Harmonize with applicable parts in MIL-STD-461D
Electrical Safety (design) EN60950, EN50178, EN61010, UL1950, CSA22.2-950


Size and weight Specification
Size DCU with OIU (typical) 884mm x 606mm x 685mm (HxWxD), configuration dependent*
Weight DCU with OIU (typical) Approx. 93 kg, configuration dependent*

*A "Black box” configuration DCU with significant smaller size and weight (~10 kgs) is available.

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