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About Dayatech Merin Sdn. Bhd.

Dayatech Merin Sdn Bhd is a private limited company incorporated in 21th August 2007. The company is a brainchild of young Bumiputra entrepreneurs. Having realised requirement for Defence Industry in magnetic, noise, and acoustic in engineering design, procurement and maintenance available those services for the local and region market.

Since the incorporation Dayatech Merin has been aggresively pushing their mission to integrating Ex-Navy professionals produce national product. To achieve the aspiration, the corporation has outlined that the performance is the core corporation culture. By adoption of the culture, the corporation has also commited to achieve it through fostering of strict recruitment policies, implementation Def-Stan documentations and alliances with reputable technology providers.

In 2010, Dayatech Merin engaged Lieutenant Commander Theyanith Ramasamy (retired) as the Head of Engineering Department considering his experience of 25 years as weapon and electrical engineering responsibility on Ship Degaussing System and Measurement Range for Royal Malaysian Navy. He has furthermore been exclusively trained by the OEM POLYAMP AB, Sollentuna, Sweden. In 2013, Dayatech Merin appointed Theyanith Ramasamy as CEO. He task to develop the capabilities locally for Malaysian Defence industry on this field on degaussing for Malaysia and ASEAN region. He also tasked to training young bumiputra engineer and executive to be the apprentice in the Magnetic Engineering field.


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